Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eagles’ Nest Radio Episode #3: Roamin’ with the Ancient Romans , Listening and looking at to this podcast I learned that is all podcast doesn't have to be a motion video,the students this podcast had on costumes that pertained to the subject of the video.This would be a great idea, using a still picture with your voice in the background giving out information. Also as the kids in the podcast spoke the spoke with enthusiasm it made the podcast more interesting to listen to.

Interview with Dr. Baggett

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lost generation, I really enjoyed that video, when it first came on It was agreeing to the expectations of society to fall and fail in sum areas. I liked the way as she read she the text from the the top to going down and outcome went to negative to positive, and from the bottom to the top of the the outcome became positive to negative, I highly enjoyed the video and commend her on her creativity.

Virtual choir, the video was amazing, its allows people all over the world to share your talents, and sing and with people they don't even know. I enjoyed this videos its was was very positive, and well put together. This video also shows that with technology nearly anything is possible.

Teaching in the 21 century, I enjoyed the video and it helped me realize how big of a learning tool the internet is, The view i got from the video was there are a lot of different ways to learn, take google for example in the video the had google in on the the list of learning tools sure we know how to use it, but do there are so many different ways you could use google to better our lives and most of all the learning process, in saying that we have tool under our noses that are every where on the internet.
As I Watched the video for the "The iSchool Initiative", learning program, what I obtained fom this video was that education is falling into a black hole over the country teachers are getting laid off due to massive budget cuts in the school system, but during all of the budget cuts all that the classroom are getting larger, Travis thinks he has a soulution to the to the problem, which is the ischool, also in the video i was to introduce the positives and and how the itouch could take over and improve he educational in places such as the text books in useable learing documents all in one gadget. Email would be the most used allowing teachers to send assignments and and stundent, to recieve work, and also allowing parents to keep tabs on grade. Some of the main focuses of the ischool is to save money for school systems, and help improvethe learning process.